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Battery Patents

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for September 12, 2007

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7,264,898 Primary zinc-air battery

De-Qian Yang, Yu-Qiang Yang, City of Industry, CA

15 Claims, 6 Drawing Sheets

A rectangular-shaped primary zinc-air battery has double the power output because of having two sheets of air cathodes instead of one

7,267,191 System and method for battery protection strategy for hybrid electric vehicles

Jack Xu, et al, Michigan, assigned to Ford Global Technologies, Dearborn, MI

26 Claims, 5 Drawing Sheets

See Also

Steps taken for determining the status of battery charge and the conditions of generator output in a hybrid electric vehicle to provide over-discharge protection to the battery

7,267,904 Nonaqueous secondary electrolytic battery

Shigeo Komatsu, et al, Japan (others from CA), assigned to GS Yuasa Corporation, Kyoto, JP

9 Claims, 19 Drawing Sheets

A lithium battery enclosed in a resin sheet. The use of a resin sheet results in a strong, light battery.

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