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Patent of the Week

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We have provided TWO links to take you to selected patents. The first shows the IMAGE of the patent first page, and from there you may proceed to view the rest of the patent pages and the drawings and claims. The second link takes you to the patent full-text display page, in the event your browser does not work correctly with the Patent Office TIFF files using CCITT Group 4 compression.

There is HELP available to upgrade your browser by using one of the four viewer plug-ins recommended by the USPTO. The use of the plug-ins allows you not only to see the images but also to PRINT the patent in excellent 300 dpi resolution. Help with USPTO Patent Full-Page Images

Another bonus week: October 12, 2004 – 2 patents selected

Two US patents issued on October 12, 2004, have been selected for their relevancy to the field of primary and secondary batteries and recent developments. The highlighted links below will take you to the US Patent Office website for a view of the patents themselves OR a full-text description.

This week’s patents:

US 6,803,148 Nickel positive electrode plate and alkaline storage battery

Soryu Nakayama et al, assigned to Matsushita Electric Industrial, Co., Ltd. (Panasonic), Osaka Japan

7 Claims, 2 Drawing Sheets

Image 6,803,148

Full-Text 6,803,148

An approach to avoiding “a minute chemical short circuit between the positive and negative electrodes” of a nickel-metal hydride battery. New materials and construction are described for the positive plate which also improves the self-discharge resistance.

US 6,803,742 Solar rechargeable battery

See Also

Joseph Visciano of Centereach NY, unassigned.

5 Claims, 1 Drawing Sheet

Image 6,803,742

Full-Text 6,803,742

You would wonder how anyone could get a patent on charging a battery using a solar cell. It has already been done. You would also wonder how this particular patent could sneak through the system. It is most peculiar, and defies construction by one skilled in the art. Take a look for yourself.

If you did not get a chance to see last week’s selection and would like to view those patents, you can e-mail us at [email protected] and we will send back details of last week’s selection, with links to see those patents on the US Patent Office website.

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