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Lithium Metal Polymer Battery

Lithium Metal Polymer Battery

Lithium-Metal-Polymer Battery with ultra-thin film electrolyte

Lithium-metal-polymer batteries have been developed for a number of applications including electric vehicle propulsion systems and batteries to power telecommunications installations. Because there is no liquid or paste electrolyte, they are maintenance-free. They have service lives as long as 10 years, under ambient temperatures from -40°C to +65°C.

One company that pioneered the development of thin-film lithium-metal-polymer batteries has since been merged into the Bolloré Group in France. The former company was Avestor, Boucherville, Québec, Canada. one of their reprints is still available: Designing Lithium-Metal-Polymer Batteries for Safety

As announced by IPS Batteries a new thin-film construction for Lithium-metal-polymer batteries allows the batteries to be embedded in printed circuit boards or integrated circuit chips. The batteries are the postage-stamp-size and about 1/10 mm thick, and contain “micro-energy cells”.

The batteries demonstrate near-zero self-discharge. The micro-energy cells are “ideally suited for use with all forms of energy harvesting techniques for recharging, such as solar, thermal, RF, magnetic and vibration energy.”

Other battery applications suitable for automobiles:

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